The Grand Tour Season 3 release date: Game tie-in trailer released

Car news / Вторник, Октябрь 16th, 2018

Update: One of the most curious aspects of The Grand Tour Season 3 is its tie-in video game, produced by Amazon Games Studios. The game, which will be released in episodic format alongside the show, has remained a bit of a mystery.

However, a trailer has been released.

Video of The Grand Tour Game — Seamless Transitions

While it’s light on details regarding the game itself, it does show off the mechanic of seamless transitions between the game and the show. Since each episode of the game is based on a corresponding episode of the show, this likely means you’ll be able to watch the show via the game, rather than on a separate device, before jumping into its levels once it finishes.

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Some brief moments of gameplay are seen, in which a car from the show is zipping around the track. For the most part, however, the trailer emphasises the connectedness of the game and the show. Most of the footage shown is from the show.

James May, who narrates the trailer, does find time to get some digs at Clarkson and Hammond too, which is always worth the watch.

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The Grand Tour Season 3 will be returning, meaning Amazon’s reincarnation of popular motoring show Top Gear, starring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, will be back.

Footage of the series was shown at a London event entitled ‘Amazon Prime Presents’, in which a sizzle reel of the show was shown.

According to RadioTimes, show producer Andy Wilman presented a few minutes of footage and spoke briefly on the show. Some of the locations confirmed for the show during the presentation include Mongolia, Columbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the US.

The studio segments of the show haven’t been filmed yet, with shooting to start later in October. When the exact date is announced, it is likely a limited number of tickets to attend the studio recordings in the Cotswolds will be available for the public.

However, in March Clarkson confirmed that production for the show was underway.

The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date: When will Season 3 come out?

The Grand Tour has traditionally debuted near the end of the year – Season 1 began on 18 November 2016 and Season 2 started on 8 December 2017 so it’s likely Season 3 will follow this pattern.

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Unfortunately, the release date may still be some distance away still. The release date of the first season was announced on 15 September, just over a month before the series was released, and similarly, Season 2’s release date was announced on 1 November. If Amazon does follow the precedent set by these seasons, Season 3 is likely more than a month away.

Chances are we’ll see a release date announced in the coming weeks, with the series itself coming out before Christmas.

The Grand Tour Season 3 Video Game

Announced in August, the video game of The Grand Tour Season 3 is an interesting and experimental game that ties in closely with the series.

Amazon’s game is set to be an episodic racer, with each episode likely released at the same time as the corresponding episode of the show. In it, you re-create the events of each episode, from racing around the iconic Eboladrome race track in whatever car Clarkson does in the show, to completing the challenges that Hammond and May embark on in each episode. The game includes four-player split-screen.

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As with the show, the game has no official release date. Since it is so closely tied to the show, however, it’s likely to be released simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

The Grand Tour Season 3: How can I watch The Grand Tour?

Previous seasons of The Grand Tour are available on Amazon Prime Video. To watch them you’ll need to subscribe to the service for £5.99 per month or pay £79 for a year of subscription to Amazon Prime which includes one-day delivery and other perks.

Alternatively, Amazon Prime Video offers a free one-week trial. If you try hard, you can watch the first two seasons of the show in that time.